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Gratulationen aus der Ferne

Zum 100-jährigen Schuljubiläum erreichen uns Gratulationen aus dem fernen Uganda  von unserer ehemaligen Schulleiterin Sr. M. Bernarde und den dort mit ihr lebenden Schwestern der Mission St. Juli in Buseesa im Kabale District.


Lieber Herr Rieck!

Liebe Kollegen und Kolleginnen des St. Joseph Gymnasiums!

Im fernen Uganda gedenke ich meiner "alten" Schule heute am Fest des Hl. Joseph. Fuer die Eroeffnung des Jubeljahres wuensche ich ihnen Erfolg und Gottes Segen fuer alle Veranstaltungen. Moege der Hl. Joseph weiterhin der gute und treue Schutzpatron aller sein, die in der Schule leben und arbeiten.

Mit meinen Gedanken und meinem Gebet bin ich in Rheinbach.

Mit herzlichen Gruessen und guten Wuenschen verbleibe ich

Ihre Sr. M. Bernarde, SND


Dear Members of the St Joseph, Rheinbach School Community,

It is with great joy and with hearts overflowing with gratitude that we, the Sisters at St Julie Mission, Buseesa, Uganda, join you in beginning the centenary celebration of your school. What a milestone - one hundred years of quality, Catholic education! How many young men and women over these years were equipped with the life skills necessary to take their places in society and what difference has this made to the Church and to the world thanks to you? Only our good God knows and will reward you and all those who over the years have been responsible for this priceless gift of Catholic education.

We, Sisters and educators in Uganda, want to also say what a difference your generous support has made to our mission. Truly without the support of generous people like you we would not be able to carry out this work. Like you, we believe that education shapes the future and offers hope as it provides the needed life skills. The people we serve in up-country Buseesa would not have this opportunity were it not for our Mission. And we would not be able to provide this education if it weren't for supporters like you.

Sister Mary Bernarde, former Headmistress of St Joseph and now headteacher of St Julie Model Primary Boarding School, continues to carry on the Rheinbach tradition here of preparing children for their lives both here and in eternity. We are hoping that Sister will be able to join you for at least part of this centenary celebration to express our best wishes personally and to further cement the bond of love and friendship we have with you.

In the meantime, enjoy this well deserved recognition of your educational excellence. Our prayer is that it will continue for hundreds of years to come. Our love and prayers will be with you throughout this entire year of celebration. Thank you, once again, for the gift you are to us.

In the hearts of Jesus and Mary and in the spirit of St Julie Billiart,

The Sisters of Notre Dame

St Julie Mission
Buseesa Uganda
Kibaale District